Rodge & Serene’s 100th Day-nniversary




Brian “successfully matched” his old friend from school – let’s call him “Rodge” – “to a girl recently” – let’s call her “Serene”. (Let’s call them that because those are their actual names.) Aaaaaanyway I’ll just let Brian take it from here:

“My lovely couple is apparently celebrating their 100th day on the 10th of July or something ( sigh , isn’t new love so sweet ? ). So I thought the drawing will be just swell for the occasion.”

“You know my female pals and I were so glad they hit it off from the get-go. Roger thinks he’s losing his hair while Serene thinks she should lose some tummy. But I guess just a funny drawing to commemorate this second spring for them (ke ke).”

“Maybe we can show some coconut trees and the beach in the background and her still ringless finger (as a hint) ?”

Rodge& Serene



Brian even made me a really ghetto thank you card out of cardboard!!! He really knows how to melt a woman’s heart!!!

Goofy Golfing

A colleague wanted to cheer her husband up as he’d been stressed out at work lately.

That’s one of the nicer things about doing caricatures, you get to see the sweet side of people (while getting to exercise your own more superficial side!)

“He loves…no…is CRAZY over golf. so maybe him putting at the golf course? decked out in golf gear?”

 She purposely sent me a funny picture of him so that he could be reminded to smile. Awww…


The Non-Swimmer

she sure loves her one-pieces!

3 things about the subject (Christina). She :
a) does not know how to iron clothes (she sends everything to laundry service)
b) does not know how to swim (she’d only started taking lessons recently)
c) says “FAIL” a lot.

My idea for the drawing:

She’s wearing her Speedo-branded 1-piece swim-wear + arm floats on both arms (the ones for kids), standing by the wall-sized glass window in her x-th floor condo overlooking the swimming pool. There’s an ironing board in front of her, another Speedo-branded 1-piece swimwear on it. She’s holding onto the iron. The swim-wear being worn already has an iron-shaped burn-mark (some of it completely melted). Somewhere in the drawing, there’d be a Stamp mark (with the rectangular box) saying: ” FAIL !! “.

I love it when clients know exactly what they want! I just follow the specs exactly… like a drawing automaton.

Henry the Star

Arina emailed me saying that her friend Henry was leaving CNBC, and together with a bunch of friends, wanted to get him a fun farewell gift:

“We started off as colleagues then became good friends, who love having a bit of fun, going bit crazy, ktv-ing, lots of drinking and food…”

“Henry’s Mr Nice Guy. For this occasion, he can be the boss and the big shot, the star.”

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to fit 5 people into one picture. I try to scheme out the “layout” of the drawing beforehand.

When I passed the finished product (printed out) to Arina, her first comment was – Thanks for giving us tans! It was only then I realised that I tend to colour a bit too dark. On top of that, the printer colours don’t always match what you see on screen. Since then I’ve learned to do an across-board “brightening” for all my coloured caricatures.

The Gardener and the Grump

tom's mum n dad_forweb

My auntie, who lives in Colorado now with my uncle Tom, commissioned me to do several drawings of her family for Christmas last year – wait I mean, last last year, it’s 2011 already! <slap forehead> But it turns out she didn’t have the opportunity to pass it to them till a year later, i.e. last month.

toms mum dad ref

She said that they loved it, so mission accomplished🙂

By the way, happy new year everybody. One of my ressies for 2011 – to update this website more often!